Words of wisdom for a certain groom to be (and all other potential grooms)

Never joke about the wedding. Ever.

We were hanging out in my room, browsing through wedding magazines and discussing ideas for our wedding. Never have I ever imagined that I would react so strongly. Neither did he (I think).

Lying in bed with wedding magazines all around me, I turned to him and said, “Choose a word to describe our wedding.” He said, “Simple.”

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Massage promotion at GO60

This is my second massage session with Huiling. Reviews about our horrible first massage session aside, this time round, we are looking to try our luck at this new massage place in town, a very short walk from the Esplanade station (Circle Line).

Located at Basement 1 of Esplanade Xchange, GO60  is a new massage place that offers spa services at S$60 nett, inclusive of GST. Sounds good? Wait till you hear about this! There is this limited period opening special for now! 2-TO-GO at $60 NETT! This means you get to purchase 2 services for S$60 nett (be it for yourself or with another person!). Sure sounds like a fantastic deal, isn’t it?

GO60 spa menu

Wide array of treatments available at GO60!

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J.amie A.nd M.y I.mperfect E.xistence

I am not perfect.

I have always been a perfectionist. However, as life adds years (and consequential wisdom and knowledge) to my life, I realise that perfectionism is not easily attained. I have learnt to more or less be at peace with the imperfections in my life. Continue reading

Imperfectly Jamie

Set up on 1 July 2012, ImperfectlyJamie.com is created on the first day of the second half of 2012. Typically, on 1 July every year, I will unwillingly acknowledge that half of the year has truly passed me by and thus, take some much-needed time to reflect on the first half and make plans to spend the next half working extra hard on my resolutions. Continue reading